The Cox Scholars Program is a family of support for me. I am given confidence to pursue my passions and work my best every day by knowing the Cox family is investing in my education, future, and me as a person.

Tell us about your work placement experience.

As a Cox Research Scholar, I work very closely with my research mentor, Dr. Patrick Shih, and other students in the Societal Computing Lab. I have worked on a variety of research topics relating to human and animal health in the past, while my current research focuses on understanding propensity to act towards environmental sustainability and how technology can facilitate sustainable consumption. I am often reading relevant literature, designing and analyzing surveys, writing papers, and generally collaborating with Dr. Shih and other students.

What is something you have learned through your work?

The most important thing I have learned is to ask questions. Especially beginning the program, I had plenty of questions about how to conduct research. After so many hours of work, I have recognized that research is truly about curiosity and testing new ideas, so it is never wrong to question something.

How will being a part of the Cox Scholars Program help you in the future?

Being a Cox Research Scholar has required me to refine my work ethic and time management skills, which will absolutely help me in the future. Also, one of my favorite parts of working in research has been being able to meet with other students and faculty. I enjoy being able to make authentic connections with my peers, and I hope to carry this mindset forward into my future.

What is your favorite memory as a Cox Scholar?

My favorite memory is volunteering at the Coxhall Gardens. I remember the all-day event of touring Jesse and Beulah’s home, pulling weeds and maintaining the park’s landscape, and getting to know all of the other Cox Scholars. The day took plenty of hard work but was very fulfilling, which was a perfect way to live out Jesse’s ideals and thank him as a Cox Scholar family.

What do you do outside of the Cox Scholars Program?

I have experience working on the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education’s Student Advisory Board, and I have really enjoyed being an undergraduate instructor for INFO-I 400 (Disney: Tech, Tourism & Leisure). I enjoy reading about sociology and environmental conservation, playing video games with friends and family, and I love everything about animation.