Having lived in Indiana for most of her life, Sharon Hay is excited to be a part of the Indiana University academic advising community as a Senior Academic Advisor with the Center for Students in Transition (SIT). She has been an academic advisor since 2008 beginning with University Division assisting freshman students. In her role as an SIT advisor, she works with nontraditional students who have many creative life experiences. As the Coordinator for the Cox Access Scholars Program, she enjoys working with students who have made the decision to return to school after time away.

Sharon’s educational life is eclectic. She received her B.A. and B.S. in psychology from Central Michigan University (CMU) and her master’s in information sciences from the University of Michigan. Before receiving her undergraduate degree from CMU, she attended four different universities. She understands the process of finding the best match when it comes to higher education and the various directions that life can take.

Working with Cox Access Scholars, Sharon is able to share her life experiences and knowledge of the complexities of IU culture with students very much like herself. She appreciates the opportunity to work with an inspiring group of scholars.

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