The Cox Scholars Program makes IU affordable for hardworking students

There are six different scholarships available through the Cox Scholars Program. Each scholarship champions hard work, perseverance, and resourcefulness. These are the very same values that Jesse Cox relied upon to build his legacy.

I am sincerely grateful to Jesse for not only providing the chance to experience high-quality education while doing socially useful and personally fulfilling work, but also the confidence and freedom to pursue our most daring dreams

Tvisha Chatterjea, Cox Legacy Scholar

We appreciate and value your story

Our scholars come to us with diverse life experiences. We recognize the hard work you’ve done to get this far! The Cox Scholars Program exists to reward you for your efforts.

As a Cox Scholar, in addition to working ten to twelve hours each week at an assigned part-time job, you’ll have the time and space to really focus on your academic pursuits.

If you’re a self-motivated learner who’s trying to better yourself, with a proven work ethic and an eagerness to influence your community, we encourage you to apply.

What you’ll gain from the Cox Scholarship experience

Personal and professional development

Each semester you’ll be invited to attend special programs, events, and talks. Topics range widely, and will include everything from how to prepare for a job interview to how to create a budget and plan for a lifetime of financial success.

Four years of career-related work experience

That’s four years of accumulated references, letters of recommendations, and network-building. Some students even have the chance to publish their own research. The best part? You won’t have to spend time hunting for jobs or research opportunities on your own. We find them for you.

A well-rounded college experience

Cox Scholars stay busy. You’ll be taking a full class load and working ten to twelve hours a week. Plus our scholars also travel abroad, get involved in Greek life, participate in student organizations, and more.

A coach dedicated to your success

Each scholarship program has a dedicated coordinator whose job it is to ensure your success as a Cox Scholar. That means you’ll always have someone to answer your questions and point you in the right direction.

Ready to apply?

Each of our six scholarships have their own unique application process and eligibility requirements.

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