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The Cox Scholars Program rewards hard work and a commitment to self-improvement. There are six different Cox Scholarships that you may be eligible for. All scholarships include the following components:

Financial support
Cox Scholars will receive a scholarship package that—in conjunction with any other institutional funding and/or federal or state entitlements—will total the official cost of attendance at Indiana University Bloomington.

A part-time work commitment
All Cox Scholars work 10 to 12 hours each week of the academic school year. Your work assignment will vary based on the scholarship you’re awarded. You will receive an hourly wage for the work you complete as part of the Cox Scholars Program. This wage will be determined on an annual basis based on the minimum wage set by Indiana University. 

The Cox Scholars Program has provided me with the best support that I could ever ask for during my college experience! Not only does the program provide financial and academic support, but also social and emotional support. This is something that I am so grateful for. I feel so lucky to be a part of such a program that benefits the community and my own growth.

Martha Abaddi, Cox Civic Scholar

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