Scholarly Conduct

What it means to represent the Cox Scholars Program

The legacy of Jesse and Beulah Cox is carried on by each new class of Cox Scholars.

Here’s how we expect you to conduct yourself as a Cox representative:

Attending Events

As a Cox Scholar, you’ll be invited to programs and events by your individual program coordinators and the Cox Scholars Program that are not related to your work experience. These events include, but are not limited to, the Cox Scholars Program Induction, Coxhall Gardens Volunteer Day, and Cox Scholars Program Graduation. You are expected to actively participate to the best of your ability in all events and programs offered to Cox Scholars. However, these activities are optional and are not considered part of the Cox Scholars Program work requirement.


As a Cox Scholar, you must use your Microsoft Exchange account for both your email communications and calendar management. You are also required to give access to your calendar to your individual program coordinator and You’ll also need to share your calendar with your worksite host, if requested. As a Cox Scholar you’ll be expected to respond promptly (typically within 48 hours) to all communications from your worksite supervisor and the Cox Scholars Program staff.

Code of Student Rights

Like all IU students, you’ll be required to follow the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct and the Residence Hall Rules and Regulations throughout your time as an Indiana University student. If you are found responsible for a violation of the rules outlined in either of these documents, you may be dismissed from the Cox Scholars Program on a case by case basis as determined by the Director of the Cox Scholars Program.