Enrollment & Academics

Keeping good grades, renewing your scholarship, and more

As a Cox Scholar, you are expected to successfully balance your coursework with your work assignment. 

Here are the Cox Scholars Program standards and guidelines for academic success:

Credit Hours

As a Cox Scholar, you are required to enroll in a minimum of 12 credit hours as a degree-seeking student each fall and spring academic semester on the Bloomington campus of Indiana University.

Attending a Different College

If as a Cox Scholar you choose to attend another college or university full time (including an IU campus other than IU Bloomington), your Cox Scholarship will be forfeited and will not be available for future reinstatement.


If as a Cox Scholar you decide to withdraw from Indiana University, your Cox Scholarship will be forfeited. If you must withdraw temporarily for a medical reason, you should notify the Cox Scholars Program Director and your individual program coordinator.


If you’re offered a Cox Scholarship, you can choose to defer admission to IU for up to one year (due to reasons other than enrolling at another college or university), and your Cox Scholarship may be deferred to the new entry term. To defer, notify the Cox Scholars Program Director, in addition to submitting a formal deferral request to the Office of Admissions.

Your GPA

As a Cox Scholar you must maintain a cumulative program GPA of 3.0 at Indiana University, which will be verified each semester by the Office of Scholarships. If your cumulative program GPA falls below 3.0 at the end of spring semester, your Cox Scholarship will not be renewed for the following academic year. Information about how to potentially reinstate your scholarship will be provided by the Cox Scholars Program.


Scholarship renewal eligibility is reviewed on an annual basis at the end of each spring semester. There is no mid-year review. Should your cumulative program GPA be raised to the required level during a subsequent spring semester, Cox Scholarships will be reinstated at that time for the following academic year. If you raise your cumulative program GPA to a 3.0 or higher prior to the start of the fall semester, your scholarship will be automatically reassessed.

Education Abroad

Cox Scholarships can be applied toward full-time enrollment in an education abroad program that meets the following conditions:

  1. IU-approved program.
  2. Full-time (12 or more credit hours) enrollment, registered through Indiana University Bloomington.
  3. Billed through Indiana University Bloomington.

Cox Scholars are encouraged to contact the Education Abroad office to verify if a specific program is compatible with use of their Cox Scholarship.

Cox Scholars should meet individually with the Cox Scholars Program Director well in advance of when they plan to study aboard to learn about how their individual financial package may be applied to studying abroad.


Cox Scholars participating in internships during the academic year must be enrolled full-time for the disbursement of their scholarships. Certain internship courses act as a placeholder to allow students to receive disbursement of scholarships. To determine if their placeholder course allows for disbursement of their scholarships, Cox Scholars are encouraged to contact Student Central.

Approved Work Exemptions

Education Abroad, Student Teaching, and Internships

As a Cox Scholar, you are encouraged to participate in educationally meaningful activities, such as education abroad, student teaching, and internships. To receive support for participation in these activities, you may be eligible to receive a one-semester exemption from the work requirement to participate in an educationally meaningful experience.

This exemption must be submitted 3 months in advance of the semester you plan to be away. It must be approved both by your program coordinator and the Cox Scholars Program Director. Once approved, you are also expected to communicate your plans for such an absence with your worksite host as soon as possible.

If you want to participate in an educationally meaningful activity, please fill out this exemption request form to notify the Cox Scholars Program of your plans.