Work Component

Working as a Cox Scholar

If you’re awarded a Cox Scholarship, you have been given a work assignment as part of your scholarship package

These are the policies that will help you navigate your experience: 

Minimum Hours

As a Cox Scholar, you must complete 300 hours of work each academic year through a weekly 10 to 12 hour position provided by the Cox Scholars Program. You are responsible for tracking your hours and ensuring that you complete the 300 hour requirement by the end of each academic year. As a Cox Scholar you will be categorized as a “Student Temporary Employee” within the Office of Enrollment Management. Your ability to remain in your position is determined annually by the Office of Enrollment Management in consultation with your worksite supervisor and program coordinator.

Maximum Weekly Hours and Outside Employment

As a Cox Scholar, you will not be permitted to work more than 29 hours per week through any IU employment, including in your position as a Cox Scholar. You must obtain approval from your program coordinator before accepting additional employment outside of your position as a Cox Scholar.


You will receive an hourly wage for the work you complete as part of the Cox Scholars Program. This wage will be determined on an annual basis based on the minimum wage set by Indiana University. 


As a Cox Scholar, you must be able to maintain the position you’re provided by the Cox Scholars Program. Loss of your position due to your work performance may result in the loss of your Cox Scholarship. You must be on time to your work shifts, maintain high levels of professionalism, and communicate appropriately with your worksite supervisors. You must also keep your program coordinator informed of your work experience. Program coordinators are available to assist if any challenges at worksites arise.

Background Check

As Indiana University employees, Cox Scholars must pass a background check to be eligible to work on campus. You are required to submit the necessary information and forms for a background check to be completed before you start working.

Tracking Time

You will be required to accurately enter your work hours for each shift you work in Indiana University’s time management system. You must follow the guidelines of what is considered to be work provided by the Cox Scholars Program and only record qualified work hours on your timesheet.

Human Resources

As a Cox Scholar, you must meet any expectations provided by your worksite host, including but not limited to following departmental policies, participating in required trainings, attending staff meetings, etc. In addition, you’ll be required to follow Indiana University’s Human Resources policies.