Financial Support

More about your Cox Scholarship financial aid package

As a Cox Scholar, you’ll receive financial support. Here's what that means, what you can expect to receive, and when.

Your Cox Scholarship Package

As a Cox Scholar, you’ll receive a scholarship and wage package that—in conjunction with any other institutional funding you receive—will total the official cost of attendance at Indiana University Bloomington. These costs are for full-time scholars enrolled in 12–18 credit hours per semester in the fall and spring. Most courses are 3 credit hours.

Additional Financial Aid

Cox Scholars can receive gift aid from Indiana University Bloomington institutional funds (merit scholarships, grants, and fee remissions) totaling no more than the official cost of attendance. Your Cox Scholarship may be adjusted to ensure your individual aid package does not exceed the official cost of attendance for Indiana University Bloomington. External scholarships and entitlements from federal and state funds may be awarded regardless of total aid package.

Cox Scholarships are part of a Cox Scholar’s financial aid package. It may be all of your package or one of many components. Each Cox Scholar’s financial aid package is different, so the complete financials of a Cox Scholarship are unique to each individual Cox Scholar. As a Cox Scholar, you can access your award summary from One.IU by searching for and selecting "Student Center." Your financial aid information will be under the "Financials" menu.

Payment Schedule

As a Cox Scholar, you’ll receive the majority of your Cox funding as a scholarship posted to your award summary. Scholarships are divided up by semester, so you’ll receive half of your scholarship funds for the fall semester and half for the spring semester.

Scholarships will disburse to your bursar accounts, with any other financial aid you receive, approximately 10 days before the start of the semester. The university will charge the bursar for all of the costs it anticipates receiving from you (such as housing, tuition, food, and fees). Internal scholarships, including Cox Scholarships, will then be applied to that total amount. If the amount of scholarship money is less than the total billed amount, you will be responsible for paying the remainder. If the amount of scholarship money is more than the billed amount, the remaining scholarship money will be given to you. This is referred to as a “refund” and these funds can be directly deposited into your bank account as long as you have set up direct deposit in One.IU. Cox Scholars are encouraged to keep this information up to date.

Cox Scholarships can only be applied toward fall and spring terms, and the Cox Scholars Program does not provide any funding support for the summer term.

Cost of Attendance

Official cost of attendance usually varies from year to year and is typically decided in early- to mid-summer. Cox Scholars are encouraged to refer to the information provided by Student Central to plan their budget for the upcoming year.

Planning a Budget

The actual costs of attending Indiana University Bloomington may vary for each Cox Scholar, based on your choices, travel habits, and academic program. As a result, your actual costs may be more than the official cost of attendance. As such, you should be prepared to use your own personal funds to pay for some of your educational expenses. You’re encouraged to be fiscally responsible and to create a budget for each academic year. The Cox Scholars Program also provides opportunities for you to learn about personal finances and budgeting each year.


Like all scholarships, Cox Scholarships may have potential tax implications depending on your unique financial situation. You are encouraged to think about the potential implications of your Cox Scholarship before the start of each year in order to make sound financial and record-keeping decisions. For example, you may want to keep all of your receipts from purchasing books and maintain records of your expenses.  

Cox Scholars Fund

Current Cox Scholars are eligible to apply for a supplemental scholarship from the Cox Scholars Program. These scholarships are made possible by the donations of alumni and friends of the Cox Scholars Program. The number and amounts of the scholarships offered annually will vary based on the philanthropic support we receive each year. Reach out to program staff for more information and to apply.

Please note that you must have space available on your account between your IU funding and cost of attendance to be considered for these scholarships.