Alice Dobie has been a Coordinator for the Cox Exploratory Scholars Program since it was created in 2011. This role grew out of her work as an Academic Advisor in University Division (UD), the unit on campus that advises new students. Alice has been with UD since 2007, first as an Academic Advisor and currently as an Associate Director.

Originally in the field of science education, Alice was Assistant Coordinator of General Chemistry for IU’s Department of Chemistry (1993–2003) and then became advisor to chemistry and biochemistry majors in 2003. For Alice, teaching science is teaching students how to learn. As an Academic Advisor, Alice continues to support students to be successful learners, which includes exploration.

As soon as she started in UD, Alice became involved with UD’s exploratory initiatives, including: the Explore Tool, a website where students enter their interests and receive a list of related IU Bloomington majors, Welcome Week’s Majors, Minors, and More fair, and the IU Peer Coach Program.

Alice’s main advice for students is that to be successful after graduation, learn how to be successful in school. What you choose to study will ultimately mean less to your future career than how you choose to study.

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